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Safety, Health & Environment Manager (Chemical Industry)

Job Summary:

To provide professional knowledge and expertise in the administration and support of environmental health and safety programs. Responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of environmental health and safety programs to assure compliance with the regulatory agency guidelines and institutional policies.

Key responsibilities:

• Defines requirement for safety, observing applicable laws and regulations, including the product stewardship requirements of the suppliers of company.
• Formulates operational instructions that will ensure appropriate handling, storage and transport of products, including precautions in case of safety incidents or accidents.
• Supervises and performs regular spot checks to ensure full compliance by company as well as its customers.
• Performs safety audits together with representatives from company ''s suppliers
• Issues warnings to all personnel and customers, who ignores requirements for safety, health and environment.
• Conducts periodical training at all level of the organization, ensuring the requisite safety consciousness in all conduct.
• Maintains dialogue with Government Agencies.


• Thai Nationality, age 30 years and above
• Bachelor’s degree in Science - Occupational Health and Safety or related fields, as required by the New Safety Law
• At least 5 years’ experience. Working experience in Safety or in Health related areas
• Safety and health conscious with respect for the environment
• Good command of both written and spoken English
• Computer literate

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